Taipei Blockchain Week concludes with optimism | Taiwan News

2 views 7:04 am 0 Comments December 19, 2023

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The second Taipei Blockchain Week (TBW), a six-day feast of Web3 exhibitions, lectures, and networking, drew over 5,000 participants and is concluding at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park on Saturday (Dec. 16).

Organizers BuZhiDAO and TABEI, led by Tiffany Lai (賴雅寧), Andy An (安品瑄 ), and Rinnie Chuang (莊品萱), successfully doubled the event’s scale compared to last year (2022), with international visitors exceeding half of the attendees. This enthusiastic response underscores the event’s global appeal.

Despite recent turmoil in the cryptocurrency market, including the FTX collapse, many conference speakers remained optimistic about blockchain technology’s future.

The week saw a vibrant Hackathon featuring leading platforms like Sui, Avalanche, BNB Chain, and Aleo. Additionally, the conference boasted over 200 expert speakers for keynote speeches and forums.

On Saturday, the closing ceremony offered two major highlights: the SHE Scales Summit, empowering women in the tech sector, and the inaugural Sora Summit in Taiwan, delving into five key themes within the blockchain ecosystem. Secure your place online.