Cyber Fund Launches $100M Initiative To Accelerate New AI, Blockchain Products

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Investment firm Cyber Fund has established a new venture capital division worth $100 million, to accelerate projects that merge blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI).

Starting with Ethereum ETH/USD, the firm — spearheaded by ETH investors and entrepreneurs Konstantin Lomashuk and Vasiliy Shapovalov — has invested in over 150 projects, including DfinityCosmos ATOM/USD, Solana SOL/USD, and Celestia TIA/USD.

Cyber Fund has not only funded but also created products in the blockchain domain.

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Among their notable creations are, a noncustodial staking provider launched in 2018, and Lido DAO, a middleware designed to maintain Ethereum’s neutrality.

These initiatives have been central to Cyber Fund’s strategy of contributing to a more decentralized and open digital economy.

Additionally, through the =nil; Foundation, Cyber Fund has been involved in advancing cryptographic libraries and research, particularly in zero-knowledge-based systems.

Their work includes building bridges between Ethereum and other networks, developing a zkLLVM compiler, and exploring zkSharding.

The new venture fund of $100 million will focus on various sectors within the blockchain and technology space, including advanced cryptography systems, DeFi, network states, cybernetic organizations, alternative reputation systems, and AI-driven systems.

Cyber Fund’s vision revolves around leveraging technology and capital to catalyze a future where digital and physical realities coalesce, leading to a more efficient and interconnected economy.

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Image: Pixabay