Willy Woo’s Insight: Bitcoin’s Floor at $30K and the Rise of InQubeta Challenging Chainlink

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Bitcoin (BTC) has experienced its fair share of market turbulence, but leading crypto analyst Willy Woo recently shared his perspective, suggesting a significant potential price drop. Woo argues that Bitcoin stands out in the world of decentralized cryptocurrencies not only in terms of popularity but also for its history of never retesting its price support levels, a trend he explores through an on-chain analysis.

Simultaneously, the cryptocurrency arena is witnessing the ascent of InQubeta (QUBE), an AI-focused crypto poised to challenge Chainlink’s (LINK) supremacy. The departure of Sam Altman from his role as Open AI’s CEO sparked heightened interest in the artificial intelligence sector, creating a surge in various AI-centric tokens. While Chainlink has experienced notable price surges, InQubeta has garnered attention for its innovative NFTs and potential to reshape the crypto landscape. This article not only delves into Woo’s rationale behind his Bitcoin price projection but also explores the features that position InQubeta as a potential Chainlink disruptor.

InQubeta (QUBE): Transforming AI Ventures

InQubeta is an emerging blockchain ICO with strong ties to the AI industry, attracting attention away from Chainlink with its groundbreaking model and significant potential. The project places a spotlight on crowdfunding by providing a platform where investors can hold equity in AI tech startups and contribute to their growth. This innovative approach leverages trending NFTs to facilitate fractional investments on the blockchain, offering token holders the opportunity for long-term investments.

The native token, QUBE, has performed exceptionally well during its presale phase, drawing the interest of institutional investors and AI enthusiasts alike. Currently in its fifth presale stage, InQubeta has raised over $5.2 million by selling approximately 527 million tokens. With only around 15% of the tokens allocated for this stage remaining at a DeFi coin price of $0.0161 each, the cryptocurrency is set for a price increase to $0.01925 in the sixth stage. Investors seeking versatility and substantial returns stand to benefit from this stage, potentially gaining nearly 100% against a potential list price of $0.0308.

The blockchain ICO introduces a staking mechanism, enabling token holders to earn returns from a pool funded by a 5% tax on transactions. By participating in this protocol, investors actively contribute to reducing supply and increasing demand, which can lead to price appreciation. Furthermore, the project emphasizes community involvement by granting token holders governance rights, allowing them to influence decisions that propel the project forward. With its remarkable potential, InQubeta has positioned itself as a formidable contender, challenging Chainlink’s current dominance.

Bitcoin (BTC): A Rock-Solid Price Support at $30K

Bitcoin has recently weathered substantial volatility, but it appears to have established a crucial support level at a DeFi coin price of $30,000. Willy Woo, a renowned on-chain analyst, shared this prediction with his extensive following of over 1 million users. He based his insights on historical trends and presented a cost-basis map of BTC, emphasizing the importance of adhering to the existing on-chain pattern for the prediction to hold.

Woo’s analysis involved examining a contour map of Bitcoin’s supply over the past 13 years, with a focus on the prices paid by holders to acquire their tokens, represented by a gray band. According to his findings, this band functions as an unwavering price support, characterized by eight values that Bitcoin has never revisited. Woo contends that as long as Bitcoin adheres to this pattern, it will not drop below the $30,000 mark. The pattern’s sustainability hinges on three key conditions: robust bands of agreed-upon value, emergence from a bearish trend, and another halving event.

Chainlink (LINK): Integrating AI for Enhanced Performance

Chainlink, a groundbreaking cryptocurrency, has revolutionized the crypto landscape by facilitating secure connections between smart contracts and data feeds through its Oracle project. This technology enables smart contracts to access crucial off-chain information, enhancing their functionality. While Chainlink has made significant strides in the crypto space, it is now turning its focus toward AI applications within its platform.

Following the news of Sam Altman’s departure and his transition to Microsoft, Chainlink experienced a surge of over 7%. By incorporating AI into its infrastructure, Chainlink aims to streamline data identification within its platform. Given the dynamic nature of the AI industry, more developments are expected, potentially further boosting AI tokens like Chainlink and InQubeta.


Bitcoin’s journey has been marked by resilience and adaptation, with a potential floor price of $30,000 according to Willy Woo’s insights. InQubeta, however, is poised to exceed expectations, presenting a formidable challenge to Chainlink’s current dominance. As a groundbreaking AI token, InQubeta introduces the concept of AI-driven crowdfunding, enabling investors to participate in fractional holdings. This crypto venture holds significant promise, offering a glimpse into the evolving landscape of decentralized cryptocurrencies and their potential to reshape various industries.

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