Will Dogecoin (DOGE) hit $1? Experts reckon this DeFi token is a better option to invest in 2024

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Nearly three years have passed since Dogecoin (DOGE) burst onto the cryptocurrency scene, creating a lot of excitement. Even though the initial hype has settled down, Dogecoin remains among the top 10 cryptocurrencies by total market capitalization. 

Some optimistic investors hope that Dogecoin might grab attention again and even hit the elusive $1 mark, marking a substantial increase. 

In this article, we’ll delve into three critical reasons why Dogecoin’s path to reaching $1 may encounter hurdles. Moreover, experts recommend exploring alternative options like Retik Finance within the realm of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) for investment opportunities in 2024.

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Challenges faced by DOGE to hit the $1 mark

The Challenge of Unlimited Coins

One big hurdle for Dogecoin is that it keeps making new coins without stopping. This is different from cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which have a set number of coins. Dogecoin adds about 5 billion new coins each year, and this endless supply makes it tricky to keep its price steady.So, the big question is, can Dogecoin balance its ever-growing supply with enough people wanting to use it? This balance is super important if Dogecoin wants to hit that $1 goal.

Not Many Ways to Use It

Another challenge for Dogecoin is that it doesn’t do much beyond being used for payments. Some other cryptocurrencies can do lots of things like creating unique tokens or being part of special apps. But Dogecoin is a bit limited. Having just one job makes it less attractive compared to other cryptocurrencies that can do more stuff.

In the world of cryptocurrencies, having more uses tends to attract more people who want to buy and use them. Dogecoin might struggle with this limitation.

Up and Down of Supply and Demand:

Looking at Dogecoin’s past, we can see that its price had a big jump in 2021, reaching $0.74. But here’s the catch – it wasn’t because lots of people were using Dogecoin for things; it was mostly because people got excited about it on social media. Since then, Dogecoin hasn’t had an easy time keeping up that excitement.The problem is, Dogecoin has a hard time keeping demand high compared to how many new coins are made. Even Elon Musk’s tweets haven’t kept the excitement going for long.

Facing Reality

The truth is, Dogecoin’s future doesn’t look too bright for hitting that $1 goal. Dealing with things like an unlimited supply and not having many uses makes it tough. Reaching $1 means Dogecoin needs to break some basic rules about supply and demand, which is not an easy task.

Exploring Better Options in DeFi for 2024

While Dogecoin might face some challenges ahead, there’s great news for those looking for smarter investment choices. Experts strongly suggest that Retik Finance is a top pick for 2024. Unlike Dogecoin, Retik Finance goes beyond just being a payment method. It’s like having a super versatile tool in your digital money toolbox, offering a range of functions that make it stand out.

Retik Finance isn’t just about payments; it’s also a way to grow your money. You can earn interest, lend money, and even be part of different apps using Retik Finance. Imagine it as a financial superhero that doesn’t just sit in your wallet but actively works to make your money do more.

One standout feature of Retik Finance is its SwiftPay function. This allows for automatic Retik transfers from payer to payee, making transactions smooth and efficient. Additionally, Retik Finance offers Multilevel Accounts, allowing coordination among multiple authorities in an organizational structure with various stream categories, organized within hierarchies. This feature enhances the adaptability of Retik Finance for large-scale commercial applications.

This flexibility is what catches the eye of investors. Instead of being limited to one task like Dogecoin, Retik Finance gives you multiple options. 

So, if you’re considering where to put your money in 2024, exploring Retik Finance is a smart move. Its diverse functions, including SwiftPay and Multilevel Accounts, and growth potential make it a better investment choice compared to other options, offering you a broader and more exciting range of opportunities in the evolving world of digital finance.


While Dogecoin dreams of hitting $1, the reality is that it’s facing some tough challenges. The good news is that the world of digital money is vast, and there are smarter investment options out there. 

Exploring the possibilities in DeFi for 2024 might be a more reliable strategy for investors who want a strong and varied cryptocurrency portfolio.

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