What Bitcoin Halving Means for Investors; New AI Altcoin Set to Skyrocket 970% in a Month

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Halving is a popular strategy used by blockchain innovators to control the internal inflation of a cryptocurrency. Through the halving process, the rewards given to miners are reduced by 50% every four years. For Bitcoin (BTC), the next halving event is scheduled for April 2024. 

The last time Bitcoin’s mining rewards were halved was way back in 2020.

Market experts suggest that this time halving would have a different impact because more people are now using cryptocurrencies. There is also a lot of speculation about a bull rally, as previous halving events were followed by a surge in Bitcoin prices. 

Analysts’ recent recommendations for a good crypto to buy include the newly launched InQubeta (QUBE). The Ethereum-based platform makes fundraising uncomplicated while providing investors access to future-ready projects. 

Its presale funding took the world by surprise after it crossed $6.7 million, and the amount is rising fast. Going by market trends, analysts believe that it has the potential to grow by 970% in a month.

InQubeta: All the makings of a good crypto to buy

If you are an AI startup founder finding it difficult to find an investor, InQubeta is the answer to your prayers. It’s a user-friendly decentralized portal where investors connect with AI startups to invest in their projects. 

These projects leverage AI and can drive impactful results. For an average crypto user, InQubeta is an empowering resource that makes it possible for anyone to become a startup investor. 

The only admissible currency within the InQubeta network is the platform’s native cryptocurrency, called the QUBE token. 

The QUBE token is a part of InQubeta’s staking service, where a crypto asset is locked with the platform, and the owner earns crypto rewards. The locked assets will support the platform’s development. The longer an asset is staked, the bigger the reward will be. The staking rewards are funded by a pool that’s maintained by tax collections.

The QUBE token is a crypto asset for all seasons due to its deflationary model. The mechanism keeps the token supply less than the demand. 

The strategy stops prices from fluctuating too much, and the value of the asset stays stable, even when there is high inflation. The feature makes the QUBE token a valuable addition to crypto portfolios. If there’s an uptick in supply, extra tokens are burned.

A similar strategy is used when a rise in tax collections threatens to disturb the supply. The team burns a small part of taxes collected on the sale and purchase of tokens. The strategic move controls internal inflation and creates a favorable environment for investors. 

The QUBE token is counted among the top crypto coins as it’s run by a community-focused governance system. It’s the community members who look after operations, decide on key decisions, and make suggestions for improvement. 

Any proposal for change in protocol is first vetted by the community and then put to a vote. The token holders exercise their voting privileges to decide if the proposal is worth being implemented or not.

El Salvador regulatory body paves the way for the early launch of the world’s first Bitcoin Bonds

Bitcoin is a leading crypto asset that is often credited for spearheading the entire revolution in the world of digital assets. It is among the best altcoins to buy now because of its time-tested performance. Its native token BTC is among the most widely used cryptocurrencies in the world. 

The pioneering digital currency uses the proof-of-work consensus protocol for securing its network and confirming transactions. 

Bitcoin blockchain is a developer-friendly network and users can also learn from the extensive documentation guides that have been provided by the open-source network’s users.

Bitcoin bonds will soon become a reality in El Salvador after the country’s Digital Assets Commission approves a proposal for its rollout in 2024. 

El Salvador is among the countries that have declared Bitcoin as their official currency.  The Bitcoin bonds will be called Volcano Bonds and will go live on Bitfinex Securities. 

According to reports, the bond is likely to be launched in the first quarter of the new year. The Volcano Bonds were announced by the El Salvador government in 2021 when it announced Bitcoin as a legal tender.


Bitcoin and InQubeta are among the best crypto investments of 2023 as they have soldiered on despite a volatile market. Their sustained growth has enriched crypto portfolios and set people up for long-term gains.

The two cryptocurrencies leverage DeFi technologies to democratize investments. These coins are powered by robust security frameworks that inspire confidence among their users.

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