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Websites on Bitcoin Are Possible Now With Ordinals

Ordinals are a new creation in the crypto space. Not even a year has passed since it gained popularity. Yet, as such a young project, the pace of its growth is blistering, and placing entire websites on Bitcoin today is possible. 

And in this article, we’re going to be learning more about that. But, before we begin, let us do a quick recap on what Ordinals are.


In a nutshell, the entire project is a dual-layer one. Ordinals form the base layer. And, inscriptions form the top layer. Here, Ordinals represent arbitrary data stored within one Satoshi (Sat). That’s 1 over 100,000,000 of 1 $BTC.

To turn a sat into an ordinal, you’ll need inscriptions. These allow you to add data into a Sat. This makes the Sat unique compared to others. With that, you’re turning a Sat into an NFT. To learn more about Ordinals, feel free to visit our previous research here.

Having websites on Bitcoin has always been a goal for Ordinals. Currently, we can already inscribe so many types of data on a Sat. For instance: Text, Audio, and Video. So, why not websites next?

The Problem and Solution With Inscribing Websites on Bitcoin

Simply put, the reason is because inscriptions are permanent. You can’t change an inscription once it’s applied on a Sat. This permanence is what gives value to an NFT in the first place.

Without this ability to change the data on a Sat, websites cannot be inscribed on a Sat. Thankfully, a solution is now uncovered!

To solve this problem, recursive endpoints come into play. As of Ord v0.12.0 (the latest update), two types of recursive endpoints are added. These are /r/children and /r/sat.

Ok. These sound like alien language to you, right? Allow me to explain! In short, with this upgrade, a parent inscription can view or pull data from its child inscriptions. To add on, it can view other inscriptions from other Sats too. You can see more here. To help you understand this concept, let us dive into some examples below.

Examples of Amending Inscriptions on a Sat

First, let’s take a look at the below tweet. Here, the parent inscription is a picture of a stick figure with a white background. Then, the creator added a child inscription of the color “orange” to his Sat. The parent inscription detects this. Voila! The background color of the original picture has changed to orange!

Next, we take a look at a whole blog that’s been inscribed onto a Sat. Within this Sat, the creator inscribes a script that:

  1. Scans for child inscriptions.
  2. Displays these child inscriptions with a click.

The result? An ever-changing Sat that displays the latest blog posts, with each being a new child inscription. Now, that looks like a sweet website to me!


Without a doubt, websites on Bitcoin are a reality. Today, we can see dynamic art and updated blogs on Sats. With the latest Ordinals update, the possibilities could be endless for Ordinals in the future.

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