Tectum Blockchain Achieves Record-breaking Transaction Speeds

3 views 4:36 am 0 Comments February 16, 2024

Tectum Blockchain has surpassed expectations by achieving a remarkable milestone of 1.3 million transactions per second during the initial phase of its Guinness World Record attempt. The company had previously announced its ambition to establish its decentralized network as the swiftest blockchain globally.

Breaking Records with Lightning Speed

In adherence to their commitment, Tectum commenced the first phase of the record attempt, showcasing its exceptional speed. However, this milestone is only the beginning, as the event encompasses a sequel scheduled for the 25th of February, which will conclude the record-setting endeavor.

Simplified Summary of the Event

In response to the diverse audience following the event, Tectum has released a comprehensive report summarizing the proceedings of the 5th of February. Recognizing that not all individuals may have participated in the live demonstration and acknowledging varying levels of technical expertise, the team aims to provide a simplified overview of the groundbreaking achievements.

Achievement Breakdown: Testing the Limits

During the first phase, Tectum initiated the record attempt by executing transactions on its blockchain platform. The process commenced with 500,000 transactions, seamlessly completed in less than one second. Subsequent trials witnessed a gradual escalation in transaction volume, yielding impressive results:

500,000 transactions: Completed in 0.75 seconds

1,500,000 transactions: Completed in 1.65 seconds

3,000,000 transactions: Completed in 3.07 seconds

6,000,000 transactions: Completed in 4.62 seconds

The culmination of these trials revealed the Tectum blockchain’s capability to process an astounding 1,298,701 transactions per second on average. This calculation is derived by dividing the total transactions by the time taken, illustrating the platform’s unparalleled transaction speed.

Anticipating the Final Stage

With the successful completion of the initial phase, Tectum now gears up for the pivotal second stage scheduled for the 25th of February. This phase is critical for formal recognition as the fastest layer-1 blockchain, cementing Tectum’s position as an industry leader in blockchain technology.

Looking Ahead: Future Announcements

Alongside the release of the comprehensive report, the Tectum team has hinted at an upcoming announcement dedicated to outlining the specifics of the second phase. This strategic approach ensures transparency and keeps stakeholders informed about the next steps in Tectum’s groundbreaking journey towards redefining blockchain capabilities.