Solana (SOL) holds firm as a new cryptocurrency is emerging as an analysts’ darling

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Solana (SOL) registered impressive growth in the decentralized finance ecosystem, marked by increased total value locked and price. Despite this positive outlook, investors are attracted to one of the new DeFi projects, BorroeFinance ($ROE), as it promises substantial returns.

Let’s determine why investors consider BorroeFinance ($ROE) the best cryptocurrency.

Solana instigates DeFi growth: can it hit $70?

According to a recent report, Solana (SOL) observed a remarkable uptick in its total value locked, fueled by renewed interest in SOL. Per the report, Solana’s TVL grew 56% in the last month alone, which is attributable to the market-wide resurgence. Solana recorded approximately $650 million in locked funds from several decentralized finance applications.

The report came to light on December 5, showcasing growing confidence in Solana (SOL) among institutional investors. Solana attracts users with its unrivalled scalability prospects involving low transaction costs and faster processing time than its contemporaries. This capability is why Solana is popularly dubbed Ethereum Killer.

Additionally, the remarkable surge in Solana’s native token, SOL, underscores the network’s strength. SOL has experienced an extraordinary 500% surge since the beginning of the year, propelling it to the sixth position among cryptocurrencies with a market capitalization of $25.6 billion. 

Although trading slightly below its yearly peak of $67.63, analysts and market watchers express optimism, anticipating a potential breakout for SOL above $70.50 in the coming days.

Solana (SOL) increased 13.13% from $57.57 to $65.12 between November 27 and December 5. Reaching $70.00, as experts suggest, requires SOL staging a 7.5% surge in value. 

BorroeFinance: the emerging analysts’ choice

BorroeFinance ($ROE) is leading the charge in the crypto industry as a frontier marketplace for Web3 users. It is a platform where content creators in the Web3 domain are paid cash for their future earnings. This strategy was devised to reward creators for their contributions to the sector.

BorroeFinance ($ROE) also fronts in the area of fundraising. The platform fills in where traditional finance defaults, creating a seamless user financial experience. Businesses use BorroeFinance to mint outstanding invoices as non-fungible tokens to raise funds.

BorroeFinance features a native cryptocurrency, $ROE, a deflationary token developed on the Polygon blockchain. $ROE is undergoing its public presale, currently in the third stage, with the DeFi coin price at $0.0175. 

Due to its increasing adoption rate, $ROE has raised $1.8 million in this stage, an impressive milestone for a new project. In addition, early adopters of BorroeFinance will make 300% ROI at the end of $ROE’s presale. This outlook reveals why investors are admiring BorroeFinance ($ROE).

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