RYVYL and R3 Unveil ‘RYVYL Block’: A Cutting-Edge Blockchain-as-a-Service Platform

2 views 7:04 am 0 Comments December 19, 2023

Blockchain payments platform RYVYL has recently joined forces with distributed ledger technology firm R3 to introduce a groundbreaking solution known as “RYVYL Block.” This collaboration aims to simplify and enhance the adoption of blockchain technology across various business sectors.

Streamlining Blockchain Integration for Businesses:

In an official statement released on Thursday (Dec. 14), both companies detailed the features of RYVYL Block, describing it as a “Blockchain-as-a-Service” platform. The platform is strategically designed to provide an innovative and cost-effective solution, specifically targeting businesses in banking, payments, and high-volume processing environments.

Empowering Business Customers:

RYVYL Block seeks to streamline blockchain integration, granting business customers easy access to essential tools and building blocks necessary for developing a secure distributed ledger infrastructure. The platform boasts rich business APIs and swift implementation, ensuring a user-friendly experience for businesses of all sizes.

Leveraging Expertise for Seamless Integration:

The collaboration leverages RYVYL’s proficiency in digital solutions and R3’s cutting-edge blockchain technology to facilitate seamless integration into existing business frameworks. Both entities share a commitment to delivering a cost-effective Blockchain-as-a-Service solution, thereby eliminating substantial upfront investments and simplifying complexities typically associated with blockchain adoption.

Goldman Sachs Predicts Surge in Blockchain-Based Asset Trading:

This partnership unfolds against the backdrop of banking giant Goldman Sachs predicting a significant increase in trading volumes for blockchain-based assets. Matthew McDermott, the global head of digital assets at Goldman Sachs, emphasized the institution’s focus on developing blockchain-based tokens representing traditional assets like bonds, beyond the current cryptocurrency surge.

Shifting Focus to Blockchain Beyond Cryptocurrency:

McDermott highlighted a “huge appetite” for digital assets, reflecting a substantial growth trend over the past year. The report underscores the banking industry’s interest in leveraging blockchain beyond cryptocurrencies, emphasizing the potential for operational and settlement efficiencies. Implementing blockchain on a large scale would require a substantial overhaul of the technology supporting financial markets.

Exploring Blockchain’s Value in the Payments Industry:

Industry experts, including Pat Thelen, vice president of global account management at Ripple, have delved into the value of blockchain. Thelen expressed excitement about the tokenization of real-world assets, emphasizing the technology’s potential to revolutionize industries burdened with manual processes, illiquidity, and latency. Blockchain, according to Thelen, presents opportunities to significantly reduce costs as innovative use cases continue to unfold.


The collaboration between RYVYL and R3 signals a significant advancement in blockchain technology, with the introduction of “RYVYL Block.” This Blockchain-as-a-Service platform holds the promise of simplifying adoption for businesses and industries, aligning with the broader industry trend of exploring blockchain’s potential beyond cryptocurrency. As financial institutions like Goldman Sachs anticipate a surge in blockchain-based asset trading, the partnership between RYVYL and R3 positions itself as a transformative force in streamlining blockchain integration for businesses of all sizes.