Revolutionizing Mobile Gaming: Taki Games and Smart Layer’s Blockchain Venture

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In an exciting collaboration, Taki Games, a prominent mobile gaming network on the Polygon blockchain, has joined forces with the Web3 tokenization platform, Smart Layer. This partnership aims to introduce a captivating mini-game named ‘Pack Cat’ through the Bored Button app, a derivative of Taki Games, slated for release in January 2024. The focal point of this collaboration is an NFT collection featuring intelligent cats, set to redefine the gaming landscape.

Taki Games Network and Bored Button’s Phenomenal Growth

Strategic Collaboration for Pack Cat:

Taki Games Network’s flagship app, Bored Button, has witnessed unprecedented success, accumulating over 5 million downloads. Now, with the impending launch of Pack Cat, Smart Cats owners will embark on a unique gaming experience inspired by Tamagotchi and Pac-Man.

Merging Gamer Loyalty with Blockchain Technology

Transformational Vision for the Gaming Industry:

Taki Games and Smart Layer aspire to revolutionize the $100 billion mobile gaming industry by seamlessly integrating gamer loyalty services with blockchain technology. Leveraging Polygon’s network, Rally Protocol’s wallet SDK, and Smart Layer’s expertise, the collaboration aims to make Web3 more accessible to gamers. The underlying goal is to bring about a paradigm shift in the gaming ecosystem.

Innovative NFT Technology:

The Smart Cats collection, the muse behind Pack Cat, introduces a groundbreaking technology known as executable NFT (XNFT). This unique technology enables NFTs to execute code and transform into standalone applications and games. Smart Layer pioneered this development, marking a significant milestone as the first implementation on any Ethereum-compatible chain. Each Smart Cat becomes an independent Tamagotchi-inspired game, offering users a novel interface of interaction through tokens.

TAKI Tokenomics: Balancing Rewards and Sustainability

Play-to-Earn Model:

In Taki Games’ ecosystem, users earn native $TAKI tokens by engaging in a growing list of free-to-play games. This play-to-earn model incentivizes player participation. To counter hyperinflation, a common challenge in play-to-earn Web3 experiences, the Taki Games team employs a unique strategy. For every $TAKI distributed to players, an equal amount is bought back and burned, establishing a deflationary tokenomics system labeled Tachynomics. This innovative approach extracts value from the gaming market while ensuring sustainability.

Visionaries’ Perspective: Taki Games and Smart Layer Leaders Speak

CEO’s Excitement:

Weiwei Geng, CEO of Taki Games, expresses enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting the immense possibilities executable NFTs bring to the blockchain. Having Smart Layer as a partner opens new horizons for creating unprecedented experiences for players on Polygon with xNFTs.

Chief Strategy Officer’s Insight:

Matthew Sweezy, Chief Strategy Officer at Smart Token Labs, emphasizes the significance of the collaboration, positioning Pack Cat as just the beginning. The introduction of xNFTs is expected to elevate gaming experiences, offering new avenues for players to engage with digital assets, ultimately bringing unprecedented value and innovation to the gaming community.

Embracing the Future: Pack Cat and Beyond

As Pack Cat prepares to make its mark on the gaming landscape, the collaboration between Taki Games and Smart Layer stands as a testament to the evolving intersection of blockchain technology and gaming. With a commitment to innovation, user engagement, and sustainable tokenomics, this partnership signals a promising future for the gaming industry.

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