Q&A with Kyler Frisbee: 90s Coca-Cola POG Revival Meets Blockchain Innovation

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POG Digital, the renowned ’90s collectibles brand, has collaborated with a distinctive selection of vintage ’90s Coca-Cola collectibles to integrate blockchain technology. The limited-edition series features iconic items such as Wayne Gretzky memorabilia and 1996 Olympics collectibles, fusing ’90s charm with contemporary technology. Each piece is equipped with NFC chips and unique serial numbers, which are linked to a digital twin on the POG blockchain for authentication. With only 350-400 pieces available, the collection offers a nostalgic journey and a new way to engage with collectibles. The pre-sale began on December 13, with the official reveal scheduled for December 27. 

Korea IT Times set the stage for the Q&A with Kyler Frisbee, CEO of POG Digital, to share a fantastic story that blends the warmth of 90s nostalgia with the transformative power of Web3 blockchain technology. 

Kyler Frisbee, CEO of POG Digital/ Seattle, Washington, USA

What inspired the revival of the ’90s Coca-Cola POG collectibles, and how do you envision blending this nostalgia with cutting-edge blockchain technology?

Inspiration for Revival & Blending with Blockchain Technology: The revival of the vintage ’90s Coca-Cola POG collectibles was inspired by a growing demand for graded, authenticated collectibles and a desire to blend nostalgia with modern technology. The integration of blockchain technology offers a secure, digital way to authenticate these collectibles, ensuring their legitimacy and rarity. This combination of retro appeal and advanced tech aims to attract both traditional collectors and tech-savvy enthusiasts, creating a unique blend of past and future.

How does this collection transcend traditional boundaries to create a unique ‘phygital’ experience for collectors?

Transcending Traditional Boundaries: This collection transcends traditional collectible boundaries by offering a ‘phygital’ (physical + digital) experience. By combining the physical presence of the collectibles with their digital certificates of authenticity on the blockchain, collectors get to experience the tangibility of the physical items and the versatility and security of digital assets. This dual experience appeals to a wide range of collectors and introduces a new era of collectible interaction.

Could you elaborate on the process and technology behind verifying the authenticity of these vintage collectibles? What role does the NFC chip play in this?

Authenticity Verification Process & NFC Technology: The authenticity of these vintage collectibles is verified through a meticulous process involving NFC chips. Each collectible is embedded with a unique NFC chip and a tamper-proof serial number, linking it to a digital certificate on the blockchain. This ensures each item’s authenticity is easily verifiable and immutable, enhancing the value and trust in the collectibles.

How does the integration of each collectible with its digital twin on the POG Blockchain revolutionize the concept of collectible ownership?

Revolutionizing Collectible Ownership with Digital Certificates: The integration of each collectible with its digital certificate of authenticity on the POG Blockchain revolutionizes collectible ownership by providing a secure, immutable record of authenticity and ownership. This digital representation extends the collectible’s life and usability in the digital realm, offering new ways to interact with and enjoy the items beyond physical possession.

With such a limited release, what makes these collectibles a prized possession for enthusiasts?

Value of Limited Release Collectibles: The limited secondhand resale of these vintage collectibles makes them prized possessions for enthusiasts due to their rarity and unique history. The blend of nostalgic value from the ’90s Coca-Cola POG era and the modern blockchain authentication makes them highly sought after, not just as collectibles but as pieces of history.

How does Theta Network’s involvement elevate the value and functionality of these collectibles?

Theta Network’s Involvement: Theta Network’s partnership in creating POGCHAIN ensures the value and functionality of these collectibles by providing a decentralized infrastructure for secure, efficient storage and distribution of the digital certificates. This partnership ensures the reliability and scalability of the digital aspect of the collectibles, adding significant value to the overall collection and entire ecosystem.

Can you describe how owning these collectibles opens doors to exclusive digital experiences and gaming in the POG Digital Arcade?

Exclusive Digital Experiences and Gaming: Owning these collectibles opens doors to exclusive digital experiences and gaming in the POG Digital Arcade. The embedded NFC chips and blockchain integration allow collectors to use their physical collectibles in various digital platforms, providing access to exclusive games, utilities, and content, thereby enhancing the overall experience and value of the collectibles.

What opportunities does the $POG coin airdrop offer to collectors, and how does it integrate with the broader POG ecosystem?

$POGS Coin Release Opportunities: The $POGS coin release offers collectors a chance to be more deeply integrated into the POG ecosystem. It provides them with a currency that can be used within the POG Arcade and Entertainment Platform to compete and access rewards, potentially for exclusive access of content, purchasing digital items, or participating in unique experiences. This release strengthens the engaging aspects of our collections and enhances the experience for gamers and collectors.

What can collectors expect when redeeming their physical collectibles in 2024, and what has been done to ensure a seamless process?

Redeeming Physical Collectibles in 2024: Collectors can expect a seamless process when redeeming their physical collectibles in 2024. Efforts have been made to ensure the integrity of both the physical and digital aspects of the collectibles are maintained, with a streamlined system for verifying authenticity and ownership. The process involves utilizing NFC chips, serial numbers, and blockchain technology to confirm each item’s authenticity and ownership.

Looking beyond this launch, what future developments can collectors and fans anticipate in the POG and Coca-Cola collaboration?

Future Developments in POG and Coca-Cola Collaboration: Looking beyond this launch, collectors and fans can hope for further innovations in the POG and Coca-Cola collaboration. This could potentially include the release of new collectible lines, expansion of digital experiences, and further integration of cutting-edge technologies to enhance the collectibility and enjoyment of these items. Any potential collaboration promises to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of collectibles.