Power Ledger to Participate in Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) Forum on February 15th

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Power Ledger’s co-founder and Chairman, Dr Jemma Green, along with the CTO, Vivek Bhandari, will be participating in the Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) Virtual Members Forum on February 15th. The discussion will revolve around how Power Ledger’s Blockchain can accelerate the energy transition.

Refer to the official tweet by POWR:

Feb 08, 2024


Power Ledger is a technology enterprise focused on shaping a sustainable future by offering software solutions for decentralized energy markets. Originating from Australia, it leverages blockchain technology to facilitate energy, flexibility services, and environmental commodities trading. The overarching objective is to transition to a modernized energy grid, emphasizing consumer choice and power democratization.

The company’s technological architecture operates on dual blockchain layers: the public Ethereum blockchain and a proprietary consortium blockchain called EcoChain™. To serve its global client base, spanning over 11 countries, Power Ledger has curated a suite of products like uGrid, xGrid, TraceX, and Vision, among others. These offerings, which are scalable and can be contracted individually, are clustered into three foundational pillars: energy trading & traceability, flexibility trading, and environmental commodities trading.

The POWR token, conforming to the ERC-20 standard, functions as an access license. It’s indispensable for businesses such as utilities, renewable energy entities, and firms committed to green energy to utilize Power Ledger’s platform.