Penang Free School and Crypken Pioneer Blockchain-Powered Certificates in Malaysian Education

6 views 6:53 am 0 Comments December 19, 2023

In a groundbreaking move, Penang Free School (PFS), Southeast Asia’s oldest English-medium school, has forged a strategic alliance with Crypken Sdn Bhd, a prominent Web3 company. This collaboration aims to introduce blockchain-powered certificates for PFS students, marking a pivotal advancement in Malaysia’s education sector. The initiative underscores a commitment to a more secure, transparent, and student-centric approach to credentialing.

PFS Adopts Crypken’s Signature for Blockchain-Powered Certificates

PFS’s decision to incorporate Crypken’s Signature, a blockchain-powered certificate issuance platform, positions the institution as a trailblazer in Malaysia. Through this integration, students not only receive traditional hard copies of their certificates but also gain access to tamper-proof digital credentials. These digital certificates offer enhanced security, ensuring easy verification and accessibility online.

Apart from bolstered security measures, blockchain-powered certificates provide additional benefits, enabling students to effortlessly share their credentials with employers, universities, and other stakeholders with a single click. This streamlined process simplifies the verification of academic achievements and facilitates a more efficient exchange of information.

Principal Syed Sultan Expresses Excitement

Principal Syed Sultan expressed his enthusiasm about the innovative certification approach, highlighting the empowerment it brings to students. He emphasized that the collaboration with Crypken aligns with PFS’s commitment to providing students with a future-proof education that prepares them for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

Crypken CEO Devadas Ravinathan Affirms Transformation in Education Sector

Devadas Ravinathan, the CEO of Crypken, conveyed his delight in collaborating with Penang Free School on this pioneering initiative. He emphasized the transformative potential of blockchain technology in the education sector. Ravinathan expressed immense pride in standing alongside PFS, highlighting their shared dedication to furnishing students with secure, transparent, and verifiable credentials.

Empowering Students with Globally Recognized Credentials

The collaboration between PFS and Crypken signifies a joint commitment to empowering students with secure, dynamic, and globally recognized credentials. By embracing blockchain technology, PFS sets a precedent for other educational institutions. This move signals a collective effort towards a more secure, transparent, and technologically advanced education landscape in Malaysia.

Setting the Standard for Educational Advancement

The strategic collaboration between Penang Free School and Crypken not only marks a significant milestone in the Malaysian education sector but also sets a standard for educational institutions embracing technological innovations. As the first educational institution in Malaysia to integrate Crypken’s blockchain-powered certificate issuance platform, PFS paves the way for a future where secure, transparent, and verifiable credentials become integral to the educational experience.