Oodles expands blockchain development services to web3, AI

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Oodles Blockchain is a development company specializing in creating, implementing, and maintaining solutions for businesses and enterprises, including smart contracts, NFT platforms, and crypto exchanges. 

It has launched a new array of service offerings, including web3, AI, app, and blockchain development on platforms like Solana, Polygon, Cardano, Avalanche, and Algorand. 

Web3 is touted as the next evolutionary phase of the World Wide Web, characterized by a more decentralized, open, and user-centric internet experience. It represents a vision where users have greater control over their data, digital identities, and online interactions. Therefore, Oodles has decided to offer web3 development services to realize this vision. 

The services encompass a range of offerings, including dApp development, decentralized finance (defi) development, NFT development, Metaverse development, gaming development, smart contract development, web3 wallet development, and custom web3 solutions. These services are designed to empower businesses and individuals to leverage the potential of decentralized technologies.

In addition to web3 development services, the company has expanded its offerings to include AI and Blockchain development services

Combining AI and Blockchain aims to bring unprecedented transparency, data protection, and inclusivity to software solutions and applications.

As per Oodles’ vice president-Technology, Anuj Khurana:

“By harnessing the power of AI, we will develop intelligent software solutions that automate complex tasks, enhance decision-making processes, and improve overall efficiency. Blockchain technology will ensure data transparency, security, and immutability, providing a trusted foundation for businesses to build upon. We aim to continue pushing the boundaries of AI by developing innovative solutions that empower businesses and individuals.”

Furthermore, Oodles now offers web and mobile development services to address conventional business needs. With the rise of mobile and web applications in today’s digital landscape, Oodles is well-equipped to develop innovative and customized solutions for businesses across various industries.

Oodles’ expertise in web and mobile development is evident through its extensive portfolio of services. The company offers web app development, mobile app development, cloud app development, and custom app development tailored to meet each client’s unique requirements. 

Lastly, the company has added more platforms like Solana, Polygon, Cardano, Avalanche, and Algorand to its blockchain app development service offering and platforms like Ethereum, Stellar, and more to develop highly efficient blockchain projects.

Ethereum is the frontrunner when it comes to developing defi projects, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), or decentralized applications (dapps). However, the blockchain space is evolving rapidly with new entrants like Polygon, Solana, and Cardano that offer more functionality and efficiency for dapps and defi development.

The VP added:

 “With a diverse talent pool of skilled developers, Oodles is well-positioned to deliver high-quality solutions that drive business growth. Oodles’s early adoption of emerging technologies sets it apart from other development firms. As an offshore development company, Oodles has continuously embraced new advancements, enabling it to stay ahead of the curve and provide cutting-edge solutions. Moreover, Oodles prides itself on being cost-efficient, offering competitive pricing options without compromising quality.”

According to Oodles’ CEO, Maneesh Madan:

 “Launching these new development services marks a significant milestone for our company. We are excited to be at the forefront of emerging technologies and offer cutting-edge solutions to our clients.” 

About Oodles blockchain 

Based in Gurugram, Oodles Blockchain is a blockchain development company with extensive expertise in developing, advising, and promoting enterprise-level blockchain solutions.

The company is led by a qualified and professional management team.

Having developed over 30 dapps that cater to millions of users, Oodles aims to transform concepts into tangible deliverables.

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