Minutes Network Launches Blockchain-based Wholesale Telecommunications Terminations Service

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Minutes Network Launches Blockchain-based Wholesale Telecommunications Terminations Service – Crypto Daily

London, United Kingdom, December 11th, 2023, Chainwire

Minutes Network announces the launch of its new blockchain-based wholesale telecommunications terminations service, creating a unique sharing economy enabled by the Minutes Network Token.

A new powerhouse in wholesale voice termination with a unique approach to telecommunications user-acquisition, Minutes Network is confident it can secure the largest telecommunications user-base in the world by 2030, and the first to reward consumers for making and receiving calls.

Working with leading International telecommunications operators.

Minutes Network´s innovations are the first in a generation to help operators improve their profitability from core voice traffic. With twenty-four international points of presence Minutes Network is rapidly expanding its base of interconnection partners across the world. Skype, Lebara, IDT, and Vodatel have already concluded termination agreements with Minutes Network via aggregating partners with additional tier1 interconnections are due to be announced.

$300 billion market opportunity

Starting with an initial focus on the 270 billion minutes / $13.25bn International terminations market, Minutes Network will expand its footprint into local voice traffic and global SMS providing access to markets worth around $300billion per year.

Founded on proprietary Mintech innovations.

Mintech, Minutes Network´s innovation hub has developed a proprietary suite of new telecommunications technologies and protocols to support this industry milestone. With more innovations to come soon, Mintech is the technological foundation of this new venture.

Network capacity and quality are secured by the Minutes Network´s Node Structure and partner, World Mobile.

Minutes Network´s integrated, for-staking, node infrastructure, provides the capacity and security to terminate vast quantities of voice traffic. All nodes will be available for staking and node holders will be the major beneficiary from Minutes Network’s, token-based, sharing economy. Additionally, collaborating with World Mobile’s powerful EarthNode infrastructure will support the increasing expansion of Minutes Network.

Tokenising telecommunications and socialising value.

Minutes Network Token (MNT), a limited supply token with only 500 million MNTs ever to be minted, is the rewarding mechanism of Minutes Network. 60% of all rewards will be shared by Node holders and a further 25% will be distributed amongst consumers who make and receive calls over the network, with 15% retained to support Mintech innovations. All new initiatives will always reward stakeholders, translating surplus value into MNT tokens, via algorithmic on-market transactions, for onward distribution.

Josh Watkins, Minutes Network´s CEO says “Minutes Network is a major innovation in the paid-for telecommunications sector. Starting with international voice terminations, we are going to transform a $300billion industry. Our utilisation of blockchain technologies means we can lower prices for operators and socialise value to consumers and node holders.”

About Minutes Network

Minutes Network Ltd is a UK registered company, company number 13955776, and operates in the telecommunications wholesale sector. Initially it will focus on terminating international paid-for voice calls working alongside tier1 carriers and will extend its reach into domestic terminations and international and domestic SMS messaging services. 

Committed to democratising the minutes terminations business and redistributing value to its stakeholders and network users, the company is led by Josh Watkins, a serial telecommunications entrepreneur with over twenty-years industry experience, and a co-founder of World Mobile.






Josh Watkins
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