Luxury Streetwear 9dcc NINES Program Merge Fashion And Blockchain Tech

15 views 12:00 pm 0 Comments April 12, 2024

Since 2020, the blockchain has tried its hand at fashion, specifically luxury streetwear. Brand interaction and community engagement were all the rave, and the conundrum has led to the merger of two worlds. Notably, in 2024, 9dcc made a statement with luxury garments that bare blockchain technology, constructed from quality fabrics and streetwear-inspired designs.

The crypto-centric luxury fashion label 9dcc recently introduced the NINES program at its pop-up experience in SoHo, New York City, on April 3. Coinciding with NFT NYC, this initiative was unveiled and displayed until April 6, marking a key moment in the fusion of fashion and digital innovation.

At their pop-up event held at the historic 435 Broome Street, NY, the brand 9dcc showcased their unique blend of fashion and technology by welcoming visitors. A display of luxury baseball caps in multiple colors greeted attendees upon entering the 9dcc ecosystem. Visitors were prompted to tap the number ‘9’ on the wall to collect their first NINES badge for interactive engagement.

9dcc’s New York pop-up introduced “Collection 01,” its first full fashion collection on-chain, from the metaverse guru, gmoney. Showcasing a range of NFC-enabled apparel the collection includes complete suits, leather jackets, and boxer shorts, with all items on-chain, ensuring authenticity and ownership verification. This lifestyle presentation highlighted 9dcc’s commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology with high fashion, appealing to an audience that appreciates innovation and is willing to take risks.

The event also offered an airdrop of 1.5M $DEGEN tokens to the first 200 attendees each day and to those who made qualifying pre-orders, with over 1,000 NINES badges collected and exchanged. This event underscores the brand’s dedication to merging high fashion with cutting-edge technologies, establishing it as a pivotal occasion for innovators, fashion aficionados and the crypto community. The 9dcc pop-up was keen on foreshadowing the future of fashion poised to revolutionize the overlap of fashion and technology.

The NINES program introduces a revolutionary proof of presence system, transforming physical interactions into collectible digital badges. Participants have the opportunity to accumulate a personalized collection of memories, connections, and experiences, all through a digital lens that lives within the medium of fashion garments. Each 9dcc collection is a key to unlocking bespoke NINES and the digital footprint of your blockchain wardrobe.

“Launching the NINES program is our way of saying ‘thank you’ to our community,” says gmoney, CEO of 9dcc. “These digital badges are not just rewards; they are tokens of appreciation, gateways to exclusive experiences, and a testament to the unique paths our community members have walked with us. With NINES, we’re not just wearing fashion; we’re weaving a rich tapestry of shared stories and experiences.”

9dcc, honored as “PHYGITAL BRAND OF THE YEAR” at The World Economic Forum, Davos 2024, is a pioneering crypto-native luxury house and lifestyle platform reshaping the fashion landscape. Emphasizing transparency in ownership and incorporating state-of-the-art chip hardware, 9dcc represents a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and digital innovation. Spearheaded by its visionary gmoney, the 9dcc brand delivers bespoke designer collections and unique customer experiences, heralding a new era for fashion and societal evolution.

The NINES program sets out to redefine how the crypto-native community and fashion aficionados interact with 9dcc, creating a verifiable digital legacy of significant encounters. Beyond mere tokens, NINES is a gateway to a digital lineage of impactful moments, ensuring each participant’s journey is recognized and celebrated.