LBank Labs Winter Bootcamp 2024: The Epicenter of Blockchain Innovation

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Following our hugely successful Cabo Mexico Bootcamp with 12 finalist teams selected from 70+ projects, 3 of 12 received extra grants for innovation, feasibility, and improvement. We’re bringing together luminaries from over a dozen top global universities like CMU, Colombia, Berkeley, Stanford, Imperial College, and more. Plus, our previous mentors from Horizon Labs, Bai Capital, Stake Capital Group, Ventures, Youbi Capital, Kyber Ventures, Whampoa Digital, and Figment Capital will be there, sharing their invaluable insights and experiences.

Join the Blockchain Revolution with LBank Labs! 

Prepare for an extraordinary experience at LBank Labs’ Winter Bootcamp 2024, scheduled right before the exciting ETH Denver, from February 15th to 18th, 2024. This is not just any event – it’s your gateway into the thrilling world of blockchain and Web3!

A Mysterious and Unforgettable Adventure Awaits! 

Delve into the depths of blockchain technology in a location shrouded in mystery, soon to be revealed! This boot camp is a dream come true for students, alums, and Web3 enthusiasts, offering an unparalleled opportunity to explore, connect, and catapult your blockchain ambitions.

All-Inclusive and Fully Sponsored! 

Yes, you heard right! LBank Labs generously covers all expenses – travel, accommodation, and an enriching educational experience. This is more than a boot camp; it’s a celebration of blockchain potential, offered for free!

A Golden Opportunity for Sponsors! 

This is an open invitation to forward-thinking brands and leaders! Sponsoring the LBank Labs Winter Bootcamp positions you at the forefront of blockchain innovation, exposing your brand to a dedicated, high-potential audience. Collaborate with us to shape the blockchain future!

Grab Your Spot in This Exclusive Bootcamp! 

With the December 20th, 2023 application deadline, you can act quickly to secure your place in this exclusive blockchain journey. This is a call to sponsors and participants alike to be part of this transformative event.

Apply Now! Ignite the Future of Blockchain! 

Are you eager to dive into the vibrant world of blockchain and Web3? Click here to apply for the LBank Labs Winter Bootcamp 2024. For sponsors ready to make a splash in the blockchain world, this is your stage. Join us in lighting up the future of blockchain!

Get ready for a life-changing experience in a yet-to-be-revealed breathtaking location!

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