INJS Halts Inscriptions Mint on Injective Blockchain Minutes After it Started

5 views 9:13 am 0 Comments December 29, 2023

The team has promised to refund users.

INJS, an inscriptions marketplace on the Injective blockchain, is urging users to stop minting inscriptions just minutes after the process had launched.

“Attention, please: Stop the minting,” the team posted on X. “After hearing from the community and discussing with Injective, we will refund all funds. We plan to re-initiate a free fair launch later on.”

Injective blockchain also cautioned users via X saying, “please do not participate in the INJS mint. The team is not being forthright and is charging a mint fee that is going into an unverified wallet.”

Users had already spotted this red flag, with some commenting under the original announcement that it was unusual to spend 0.03 INJ in fees per mint.

The INJS team is currently gathering transfer data and promised to kickstart the refund process imminently.

This initiative was initially intended to unveil the INJRC-20, an experimental token standard designed to simplify the process of minting, deploying, and transferring inscriptions on the Injective blockchain.

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