Glassnode Cofounders Set $2.5K Target for Ethereum’s Ambitious Push By U.Today

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The cofounders have identified a key support level at $2.1K, once a formidable resistance, now transformed into a critical zone for the cryptocurrency’s short-term rebound. In a recent tweet, they highlighted Ethereum’s resilience on the market, emphasizing the significance of the current support level.

According to their analysis, breaching this level may activate the 50-Day Exponential Moving Average (EMA), potentially signaling a shift in market dynamics. The cofounders pointed to the presence of an ascending triangle pattern, suggesting that $2.1K is crucial for short-term rebounds, and the breach could pave the way for further gains.

The cryptocurrency market has been closely monitoring Ethereum’s movements, given its position as a leading blockchain platform and the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. The Glassnode cofounders’ predictions have sparked increased interest and discussion within the crypto community, with traders and enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the outcome of this .

Their tweet not only underscores the technical analysis of Ethereum’s price action but also reveals broader market sentiment and enthusiasm. The cofounders have set their sights on the formidable $2.5K target, further fueled by the prevailing optimism on the cryptocurrency market.

If successful, this ambitious push could pave the way for Ethereum to ascend to $2.7K, marking a significant milestone for the digital asset. Traders and investors are keeping a keen eye on whether the cryptocurrency can the resistance-turned-support and sustain the upward momentum.

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