Epic Games Store changes rules to allow blockchain games

4 views 8:55 am 0 Comments December 25, 2023

Epic Games Store has changed its own rules to allow blockchain games to be sold on the platform.

Epic Games Store had a blanket ban on all Adults Only titles, but it has recently adjusted its own rules to allow blockchain games.

As it stands, all games based on blockchain technology or utilising NFTs are rated Adults Only by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) because of how they offer rewards that can be converted into real-world currency.


“Products with Adults Only ratings cannot be distributed on Epic Games Store [which also] treats unrated products as having a mature (18+) rating,” said the store’s rules but earlier this week, an amendment was added. “The Epic Games Store makes an exception for products in cases where an [Adults Only] rating was applied solely due to the usage of blockchain or NFT technology.”

Blockchain games must still comply with Epic Games Store’s own technology Guidelines and can’t include things such as “pornography, gambling, and hateful content.”

The change came about after NFT card game Gods Unchained was removed from the Epic Games Store, three months after it was first listed, because it was re-rated by the ESRB.I t was given an Adults Only rating because of its various play-to-earn elements. Play-to-earn multiplayer football game Strike Manager 3 was removed at the same time, but both titles have now been returned to the Epic Game Store.

“Some blockchain-based games are receiving Adults Only [AO] ratings from industry ratings bodies for their particular implementation of blockchain,” Epic Games explained. “We’ve updated our Epic Games Store content policy to allow for games that are rated AO solely due to the usage of blockchain or NFT technology.”

“Web3 gaming is officially back on Epic Games Store, said publisher Immutable following the policy change. “At Immutable, we have taken a proactive approach to advocate for fair policies for web3 games. We are pleased with Epic Games’ policy decision. We are committed to collaborating with gaming, tech, and web3 leaders to unlock the next player experience for the 3 billion players worldwide.”

“This policy change shows that the space recognises the experience of web3 gaming, and we are one step closer to adoption,” they added.

Previously, Steam completely banned banned blockchain games which “issue or allow exchange of cryptocurrencies or NFTs” in 2021 (via Eurogamer) while earlier this year, Sega confirmed it would be stepping back from planned blockchain initiatives through fear of “devaluing” its strongest gaming properties.

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