Enter New Chapter in Blockchain History: ICB Network Update

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The blockchain world is progressing, and the Ideal Cooperation Blockchain ICB Network appears as a cost-effective utility network with SertiK’s seal of approval for trustworthiness and transaction validation. Its innovative moves, particularly the PoS (Proof of Stake) consensus algorithm in ICB Network, redefine validation and block generation, offering users a unique experience.


Stakeholders are the backbone of the network, actively participating in transaction validation and block generation through token staking. PoS technology, enhanced with biometric and KYC data, fortifies security against attacks, instilling trust in masternodes. A significant development unfolds as ICB collaborates with Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche, using the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) standard to create a comprehensive and universal ecosystem.

Application Development through EVM Standard:

The use of EVM standards triggers developers to swiftly create and execute applications on the ICB blockchain. Using Ethereum’s development tools and EVM-coordinated networks, this approach offers low gas fees and high network speed, facilitating the growth of the ecosystem. ICB Network liquidity pools, featuring primary cryptocurrencies like ICB Coin and stablecoins, provide flexibility, income rewards for stakers, and seamless cryptocurrency exchanges.

Liquidity Provision: Bridging Networks for Diverse Exchanges

ICB Network facilitates diverse exchanges through network bridges, making liquidity accessible. This universalization tool streamlines transactions, enabling users to capitalize on various services with speed and efficiency. Users can seamlessly exchange different cryptocurrencies, benefiting from heightened liquidity and fostering communication between networks.

ICB Transforms Exchanges, GameFi, and NFT Features

Entering its second quarter milestone, the ICB Network takes center stage in DEX transactions, minimizing market manipulation and enhancing transaction security. The integration of staking and native derivatives aligns with the NFT Talent for transparent NFT trading. Alongside with GameFi, ICB Network modifies  blockchain games, providing players with both enjoyment and income opportunities.

Native Metaverse

ICB Network collaborates with universities on academic projects exploring advanced methods of earning cryptocurrency from the Metaverse. The Metaverse, projected to reach a $400 billion market value for VR by 2025, extends beyond gaming, offering diverse possibilities in social interactions and virtual economies. By harnessing advanced technologies and collaborating with networks, ICB builds itself as a leader in blockchain globalization, establishing an extensive blockchain ecosystem.