CoinGecko Expands Crypto API Offering with Zash Acquisition

8 views 11:00 pm 0 Comments November 21, 2023

Founded by CEO Parit Patel and CTO Efe Surekli in 2021 at Entrepreneur First, Zash provides enterprise-grade, indexed NFT data across 87 unique marketplaces on Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, and Bitcoin Ordinals. Zash covers NFT metadata, historical trades, and lending data and additionally deploys advanced data science techniques through its proprietary algorithms to detect wash trades at scale.

Why Acquire Zash?

At CoinGecko, any asset that can be tokenized will be tokenized. In that same vein, NFTs will continue to innovate and unlock new opportunities worldwide. Acquiring Zash will allow us to supply you with fungible & non-fungible token (NFT) data seamlessly in one integrated offering. This aligns with our commitment to provide you with the most reliable, comprehensive, and accurate cryptocurrency data, bringing us a step closer to empowering the decentralized future.

What’s To Come

We’ll be incorporating new endpoints into our crypto data API by Q2 2024, covering:

  • Enterprise-grade indexed NFT data across Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Bitcoin Ordinals, Solana, and more
  • NFT metadata and historical trades
  • NFT lending data indexing Blend, X2Y2, NFTfi, and more
  • Wash trading detection for significant collections on Ethereum