China’s RealDID Revolutionizes Identity Verification Through Blockchain

2 views 7:05 am 0 Comments December 19, 2023

China’s Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN) is set to revolutionize identity verification with the introduction of RealDID, a national-level decentralized identity system led by the Ministry of Public Security. This groundbreaking initiative aims to leverage blockchain technology to verify the real-name identities of China’s massive population of 1.4 billion citizens.

Decentralized Identity System Unveiled:

In a recent report from Business Insider on December 12, it was revealed that the RealDID service launch will redefine user authentication by allowing individuals to register and log in to websites anonymously. This will be made possible through the utilization of Decentralized Identity (DID) addresses and private keys. The innovative approach ensures the separation of business data and transactions from personal information, addressing concerns surrounding privacy and security in identity verification.

Implications for Social Media Platforms:

China’s top six social media platforms, including WeChat, Sina Weibo, Douyin, Kuaishou, Bilibili, and Xiaohongshu, have recently imposed requirements on content creators with substantial followings to disclose their real names or the names of their financial backers. This move, aimed at enhancing credibility and fostering greater public supervision over online content, is expected to be bolstered by the implementation of RealDID.

BSN’s Operations and Global Reach:

BSN China, managed by the National Information Center in collaboration with tech giants China Mobile and China UnionPay, oversees domestic operations. Simultaneously, BSN Global operates independently, managing international operations with its own set of security measures. This dual approach positions BSN as a comprehensive and secure blockchain infrastructure.

World’s First National-Level Real-Name Decentralized Identity System:

The implementation of RealDID signifies a historic moment in the global blockchain landscape, marking the world’s first national-level real-name decentralized identity system. This milestone underscores China’s commitment to pioneering advancements in blockchain technology and its applications.

Global Landscape Amidst Trade Sanctions:

While US lawmakers recently introduced a bill to restrict federal government officials from engaging with China-based blockchain firms, an interesting development unfolds as China’s Institute of Forensic Science, under the Ministry of Public Security, has been removed from the US trade sanctions list. This presents a dynamic shift in the landscape, showcasing the intricate intersections of technology, geopolitics, and international trade.


China’s RealDID initiative within the Blockchain-based Service Network heralds a new era in identity verification. The deployment of a national-level decentralized identity system not only addresses privacy and security concerns but also sets a precedent for global blockchain innovation. As the world watches this transformative development, the implications of RealDID extend beyond national borders, shaping the future of identity verification in an increasingly digital and interconnected world.