Cardano Foundation and Petrobras Launch Blockchain Education in Brazil

4 views 12:04 pm 0 Comments December 24, 2023

The Cardano Foundation, in a significant move towards spreading blockchain literacy, has announced a collaboration with Petrobras, Brazil’s state-owned energy giant. This partnership will introduce Cardano’s blockchain education program, specifically designed for Petrobras’s 40,000+ employees, aiming to expand understanding and adoption of blockchain technologies within the energy sector.

The initiative includes blockchain education workshops led by the Cardano Foundation, utilizing content from the Cardano Academy and delivered through Petrobras University. Employees will engage in discussions on blockchain’s potential, explore its varied applications, and participate in interactive quizzes. The program’s commitment to practical and comprehensive learning was highlighted by two inaugural workshops conducted in the Metaverse, focusing on regulatory aspects globally and within Brazil.

As a token of accomplishment and to encourage further engagement, the first 500 Petrobras employees completing the program will receive a unique NFT, symbolizing their progress and achievements in blockchain training. This innovative approach not only provides a tangible record of their learning journey but also introduces them to the practical aspects of blockchain technology.

With this partnership, the Cardano Foundation aims to set a precedent for blockchain education in the corporate world, fostering a deeper understanding of the technology’s potential applications in the energy sector and beyond. Both organizations express strong commitments to leveraging education as a tool for empowerment and innovation, positioning the initiative as a strategic step in harnessing blockchain’s capabilities for industry transformation and societal advancement.

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