Bware Labs and OVHcloud: Revolutionizing Web3 with High-Performance Blockchain Infrastructure

7 views 2:32 am 0 Comments November 30, 2023

In the dynamic landscape of blockchain technology, Bware Labs has emerged as a pioneering force dedicated to advancing Web3 innovation. At the core of their offerings lies “Blast,” which is recognized as one of the fastest blockchain API platforms globally.

Navigating Challenges with Existing Hosting Solutions:

Beware Labs faced a pivotal challenge as the demand for Blast surged. The existing virtual private server (VPS) solution struggled to meet the growing popularity of Blast, resulting in increased infrastructure costs and compromised performance. This prompted Bware Labs to seek a seamless transition to a scalable hosting solution that could optimize performance and expenditure.

OVHcloud: A Game-Changing Partnership:

CEO Flavian Manea led Bware Labs into a collaborative journey with OVHcloud, a move that proved to be a game-changer. OVHcloud, known for innovation and efficiency, became the ideal partner for Bware Labs in their quest for a hosting solution that could address the challenges posed by the escalating demands of Blast.

Choosing OVHcloud’s Advanced Dedicated Servers:

To overcome the constraints of VPS hosting, Bware Labs embarked on a rigorous testing process across various cloud providers. OVHcloud’s Advanced Dedicated Servers emerged as the perfect fit. Fortified with cutting-edge components, these servers provided an optimal environment for hosting complex and critical infrastructure.

Superior Performance and Security Features:

OVHcloud’s Advanced Servers distinguished themselves with superior performance capabilities and lightning-fast connectivity. Equipped with Intel® Software Guard Extensions (SGX) hardware, these servers ensured heightened data protection by securing user data within an isolated, encrypted enclave. The integration of ultra-fast NVMe storage further enhanced their capacity to handle intricate workloads, which is essential for Blast’s rapid scalability.

Global Infrastructure and Network Resilience:

OVHcloud’s global infrastructure, spanning over 33 data centers worldwide, seamlessly complemented Bware Labs’ distributed architecture. Leveraging OVHcloud’s vRack Private Network, Bware Labs enhanced network resilience, shielding user data from potential threats and ensuring swift and secure network availability.

Efficient Cost Control and Technical Assistance:

The flexible pay-as-you-go billing structure offered by OVHcloud and an easily monitored control panel empowered Bware Labs to control costs efficiently while scaling up. Including the Business Support package, you ensured round-the-clock technical assistance, guaranteeing rapid resolution in the face of incidents or downtime.

The Culmination of Collaboration:

The collaboration between Bware Labs and OVHcloud resulted in Blast being heralded as one of the fastest blockchain API platforms. OVHcloud’s suite of solutions, particularly the Advanced Servers, provided the firepower required to handle peak traffic. The global data center footprint and vRack Private Network ensured swift, secure, and resilient network availability, marking a paradigm shift in blockchain infrastructure.


Beware Labs’ strategic alliance with OVHcloud signifies a paradigm shift in the realm of Web3 innovation. Through this collaboration, Blast achieves unparalleled speed and performance and sets a new benchmark for scalability, security, and cost-effectiveness in the evolving landscape of blockchain technology.