BSV Blockchain Barometer Exposes Public Doubts in Tech

6 views 5:45 pm 0 Comments November 26, 2023

BSV Blockchain made waves by presenting insights from its debut Blockchain Barometer this week. This report explores public opinions on cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, AI, and the metaverse. They have been working with YouGov to do a yearly survey, collecting views from over 2,400 adults in the US.

Even though people talk a lot about Bitcoin and blockchain, a new study found that 55% of Americans don’t know what blockchain is when asked about it. Strikingly, this uncertainty surpassed levels observed for comparatively more recent technologies like the metaverse and AI.

The survey showed that more than half of the people (53%) don’t trust new technologies like blockchain, AI, the metaverse, and IoT. Older folks, around 68% of those 55 and up, don’t count as much. But younger ones, only 31% of those 18 to 24, feel the same way.

Despite blockchain’s decade-long presence in the limelight, a persistent comprehension gap was evident. When asked how much they know about cryptocurrency and blockchain, 58% said they don’t know much about cryptocurrency, and 53% said the same about blockchain. This trend was mirrored in AI and metaverse assessments, with 36% and 42% lacking understanding in these domains.

Cyrille Albrecht, who leads the BSV Association, said we urgently need public and private groups to work together and teach people more about blockchain.

The survey not only found that many people need to be sure, but it also checked what might happen with blockchain later. People think that finance (35%), healthcare (25%), retail (23%), and government (19%) will be affected a lot by blockchain in the next two years.

Gender disparities emerged as a notable theme, with 28% of males claiming some form of digital asset investment, compared to 12% of women. Apart from money, women tended to trust and use new technologies less than men. When asked about trust in daily technology use among AI, the metaverse, and ChatGPT, 60% of women expressed a lack of confidence, contrasting with 46% of men.