BNB Advocates Turn Their Attention to an Exciting New Cryptocurrency

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Early supporters can now earn more rewards in USDT via the new referral system in the ongoing presale.

A few months after the initial announcement of the upcoming $CATCH launch, the next-generation mobile game, SpaceCatch, has successfully launched its token presale and has already raised over $450.000 in the first ten days.

This presale comes after nearly a year and a half of active development of the SpaceCatch game, which is currently in the closed beta phase. The open beta version will be released in just a few weeks.

Moreover, to make things even better for early supporters, SpaceCatch has started a referral program so you can invite your friends and spread the word about the project and its current development more efficiently and lucratively.

SpaceCatch’s First Presale Week a Success, Raising Over $450K

In a noteworthy update of the news provided by SpaceCatch last week, SpaceCatch proudly announces the remarkable success of its $CATCH presale, having raised over $450,000 within the first week. This impressive outcome signifies a fast sell-out of SpaceCatch’s initial token presale stage.

Following a year and a half of diligent development, the SpaceCatch game is gearing up for the eagerly anticipated open beta version, scheduled for release in a few weeks. Concurrently, SpaceCatch strategically aligned the token presale with the mobile game’s launch, marking a pivotal moment in the project’s trajectory.

Distinguishing itself from typical GameFi tokens known for ambitious promises, poor tokenomics, and the absence of an actual product, SpaceCatch introduces a revolutionary approach and unique settings to redefine the landscape.

At the core of the ecosystem, SpaceCatch crafted a deflationary model for the CATCH token, ensuring that users holding onto their tokens will avoid facing the challenges associated with inflationary alternatives. The CATCH token serves as the primary medium for transactions within the platform.

Investors participating in the presale secure CATCH tokens and gain privileged access to all forthcoming activities within the CATCH ecosystem. With the CATCH token’s value increasing after each stage’s hard cap is met, early investors stand to benefit from a potentially lucrative opportunity.

The ongoing community round allocates 10% of tokens, with plans to progress to Stage 2 once the presale surpasses $600,000. Given how things are going, early investors should grab $CATCH at the current price of $0.06. 

Less than $300,000 is left to raise this stage; the price per token will rise. In Stage 2, CATCH tokens will be available at $0.08, presenting an opportunity for those seeking to buy CATCH at a more favorable price. 

SpaceCatch will introduce a referral system that pays in USDT to boost $ CATCH’s adoption.

To further encourage adoption and create more buzz around SpaceCatch, they are now announcing the launch of a referral system for their users during this presale. 

What’s essential and unusual about this system is that instead of receiving rewards in their token, you will earn rewards in USDT. This is unusual because most GameFi tokens are worthless inflationary tokens that will eventually lose their value. Therefore, the developers behind these games are eager to distribute their worthless tokens as “rewards.” 

Instead of following the same “rewards” strategy, SpaceCatch offers you something you know and love – USDT, a stable and valuable cryptocurrency.

The team behind the project developed this strategy to underscore $CATCH’s well-thought-out tokenomics that are not just about in-game reward tokens. You can use it for all sorts of things, not just gaming. That means more ways to use it, and that’s a big deal for how much it can grow. As a result, its inflation could be much higher. 

 For these reasons, the developers behind the SpaceCatch project have decided to provide rewards in USDT – in the long term, it is the most effective solution for the token’s future growth. People using this referral system will also appreciate the cashback in USDT. 

The rewards are intended for everyone, whether they invite someone through their referral code or register through someone else’s referral code. This fair combination of tips in USDT creates opportunities for various crypto communities. 

Discover the Ins and Outs of SpaceCatch’s Referral System 

With SpaceCatch, you’re in for a treat when you purchase through a referral link. For purchases under $5000, enjoy a 3% USDT cashback. And if you go big with assets exceeding $5000, revel in a generous 5% USDT cashback. And the best part? Your well-deserved cashback will be processed smoothly at the end of each presale round.

Now, for sharing the love, you’re in for even bigger rewards if someone purchases through your referral link. For purchases under $5000, you will be entitled to a 7% USDT cashback. And when your influence leads to purchases over $5000, brace yourself for an impressive 10% USDT cashback. Again, all your earned cashback will reach you after each presale round.