Blockchain to be Game Changer in Land Management

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The 8th Bhumi Samwad conference opened with Shri Sonmoni Borah, the Joint Secretary of DoLR, inaugurating the conference by stressing the importance of land mapping and digitization. His vision for a modernized land management system emphasizes a role-based approach over traditional, rule-bound processes. This approach advocates for flexibility and functionality, tailored to specific roles within land management, ensuring that regulations are centred on the citizen’s needs.

Ms. Nidhi Khare, the Secretary of DoLR, further expanded on the contemporary challenges and opportunities within land management. She underscored the significance of enhancing last-mile coverage and the implementation of direct benefit transfers to boost efficiency and transparency. Ms. Khare’ also pointed out how digitization significantly reduces bureaucratic footprints, with the conference poised to discuss over 50 actionable points in the coming. Innovations such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning in land registration and records were highlighted as game-changers in the sector.

Technology and Policy: Key to Resolving Land Disputes

The conference was graced by the Honourable Minister of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj, Shri Giriraj Singh, who addressed India’s leaps in the ease of doing business rankings—from 182nd to 60th. He attributed this success to the critical role of technology, spotlighting CORS and the SVAMITWA program, in mitigating land disputes that contribute to a significant portion of court cases in India. These disputes not only clog the judiciary but also impact millions of citizens and vast tracts of land across the country.

Shri Faggan Singh Kulaste, Union Minister of State for Steel & Rural Development, echoed the importance of digitizing land records to benefit the common citizen. He introduced a multilingual software application, a pioneering initiative ensuring land records are accessible in multiple languages as listed in the Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution, thereby promoting transparency in land reforms.

Connecting SVAMITVA and Vision 2047

SVAMITVA (Survey of Villages and Mapping with Improvised Technology in Village Areas), an initiative launched by the Indian government is aimed at providing an integrated property validation solution for rural India. The accurate land records can be used for planning development projects and infrastructure in rural areas.

Kapil Moreshwar Patil , Honourable MoS, PR talked about how SVAMITVA scheme plays a critical role in laying the foundation for achieving several objectives outlined in Vision 2047. By providing clear land titles, SVAMITVA can boost economic development in rural areas, contributing to the broader economic goals of Vision 2047.Accurate land records from SVAMITVA will aid in better infrastructure planning, aligning with the infrastructural development goals under Vision 2047.