‘Biggest financial mistake? I lost a significant amount of money by getting swept up in the cryptocurrency frenzy of 2021’

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Last week, she featured on the Year on TikTok 2023 – a review of the most popular TikTok trends, artists, creators and videos in Ireland.

The personal finance influencer, who was born in Nigeria and grew up in Ireland, also owns a UK healthcare business.

What did you learn about money while growing up?

Growing up in a Nigerian household, the value of money was ingrained in me from an early age.

My parents emphasised the importance of saving as a fundamental aspect of financial responsibility.

This lesson became particularly significant when I started working at my aunt’s salon after school at the age of 13. This exposed me to the realities of financial independence and the significance of hard work.

I learned to budget and save a portion of my earnings, understanding that financial security requires discipline and planning.

The early exposure to the world of work and money management laid the foundation for a strong financial mindset that continues to guide me today.

When were you most broke?

Shortly after graduating from university with top honours. Just three months into my professional journey, I faced the harsh reality of being made redundant in Dublin.

The company I had joined went under, leaving me in a precarious situation.

With only €3,000 in savings and shouldering a significant portion of the rent in Blackrock with my partner, who was also contending with the financial strain, was an emotionally challenging time.

Do Irish attitudes towards money differ from Nigerian attitudes?

In Nigerian households, there’s often a strong emphasis on saving and frugality. Money is openly discussed and considered an integral part of family conversations. In Irish culture, discussing money is somewhat of a taboo.

What is the biggest way you minimise your own spending?

By adopting a mindset of living below my means. As my income increased over time, instead of succumbing to lifestyle inflation, I consciously chose to keep my expenses in check. This allowed me to save significantly and prioritise long-term financial goals.

Do you own property?

I purchased a property in Dublin in May 2022. This was the result of strategic financial planning and dedication: for three years, I lived in Navan and paid considerably lower rent, allowing me to save a substantial portion of my salary.

What was your best ever investment?

I’ve dedicated a significant amount of resources to acquiring new skills and upskilling, and this investment has proven to be invaluable. This commitment to learning has opened up various opportunities for me: I mastered the art of creating content and turned it into a lucrative source of income, and I ventured into the healthcare sector and now proudly own a private ambulance company in London.

Do you still carry cash?

Carrying cash has become a personal strategy to manage my expenses more efficiently. By using cash, I can avoid credit card fees and have a clearer picture of my spending.

What was your biggest financial mistake?

​​​Getting swept up by the 2021 cryptocurrency frenzy. I’d underestimated how volatile the market could be for cryptocurrencies, and unfortunately, ended up losing a significant amount of money. It was a valuable lesson.