ATOM Dips 3% After Cosmos Founder Advocates For Blockchain Split

5 views 2:51 pm 0 Comments November 27, 2023

Jae Kwon, founder of the Cosmos network, has stirred up the crypto world by suggesting a chain split. This proposal has coincided with a 3% drop in the value of ATOM (CRYPTO: ATOM), the network’s native token.

What Happened:

Kwon proposed a split in the Cosmos blockchain following the approval of proposal 848 by the Cosmos community.

The proposal gained 41.1% support and aimed to lower ATOM’s inflation from 14% to 10%. Unhappy with this decision, Kwon called for a hard fork.

Kwon proposed the creation of AtomOne, a forked chain of the Cosmos Hub, which would support both the existing ATOM token and a new native ATOM1 token. Kwon’s rationale is that this move would allow $ATOM participation and prevent a massive selloff of the token, which could lead to its collapse.

Why It Matters:

Kwon voiced reservations regarding the potential impact of a new token on the existing one, stating, “I believe that the final plan should include an integration of ATOM and ATOM/ATOM1 so that instead of mass selling ATOM and collapsing it all, we allow participation from ATOM.”