AI & EV in Blockchain – eTukTuk Opens an Investment Opportunity to Not Miss Out For 2024

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Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that is not part of editorial content.

EV tokens, despite their immense potential, are relatively obscure.

Over the last few years, Web3’s focus has derailed toward entertainment and quick gains. But things are changing for the better now, with the market regaining its foothold. Crypto projects with real-world relevance are back in the limelight.

A recent project that fits the description is eTukTuk – an EV token dedicated to transforming the public transportation sector in developing economies.

Web3 Needs EV Tokens

Global acceptance, especially from traditional investors and the masses, is a need of the hour for Web3. Meme coins and DeFi tokens integrated with quick-gain schemes can’t be the face of the market anymore.

The decentralized ledger system put forward by blockchain technology is capable of fostering transparency and accountability in large-scale projects. It has utility across different sectors, EVs being one of them.

eTukTuk is a new crypto initiative that aims to revamp the transportation sector in developing economies for a greener planet. The project recognizes the limitations of a broad approach in the EV market. EVs built for developed economies are often not feasible for people living in developing economies due to the high initial investment barrier and poor infrastructure.

eTukTuk has honed its focus on the public sector as a result.

The eTukTuk ecosystem comprises electric three-wheeler taxis primarily. These EVs are the outcome of an extensive five-year research and development phase. But its scope extends much beyond that, acknowledging the inadequate EV infrastructure in these countries through a supporting ecosystem.

The seamless adoption of eTukTuks in developing nations would be too ambitious without a network of charging stations. eTukTuk has it covered using Territory Partners, who install and run charging stations in different strategic locations. The project also hosts a peer-to-peer payment system based on cryptocurrencies. It is secured by Power Stakers.

eTukTuk’s native cryptocurrency $TUK fuels the peer-to-peer community of drivers, territory partners, and power stakers. All participants benefit from the ecosystem with utility or rewards, thus maintaining an independent flow.

How eTukTuks Aid the Growth of Developing Economies

As discussed above, a blanket approach yields little result in climate action. The key lies in designing an EV system tailored for developing economies.

To do that, we need to look at the important factors impeding EV adoption in these countries.

Electric vehicles can combat climate issues to a great extent in developing economies, as the impact of carbon emissions from fossil-fuel vehicles is exacerbated by high population densities. They lack the means to remedies and alternatives.

Although EVs present a solution to reduce vehicle emissions, they are expensive compared to traditional vehicles. In parts of the world where financial concerns outweigh environmental sustainability, EV adoption is a challenge. Moreover, they consider owning a private vehicle a luxury due to the initial capital investment.

TukTuk taxis are popular in developing economies because they provide the comfort of private transportation without the large investment.

This observation has been key to designing eTukTuk’s business model. The project’s focus on the TukTuk sector aligns with the needs and preferences of developing economies.

eTukTuk’s Strength Lies in its Design

eTukTuk’s biggest competitive advantage in the crypto market is the rigorous five-year development phase it has completed. It has resulted in the streamlined manufacturing process of eTukTuk vehicles with fewer than 200 locally sourced components. It reduces development costs, in turn, minimizing the initial investment burden for drivers.

In addition, eTukTuk drivers benefit from lower operational and maintenance expenses compared to traditional TukTuks. The roll-cage design, AI-powered guideline systems, and implementation of LFP batteries further enhance their allure.

eTukTuk’s pioneering blockchain ecosystem dedicated to charging and payment systems underscores the holistic approach of the project. While Territory Partners are responsible for installing and managing the charging infrastructure, the security of the payment network is ensured by Power Stakers. Power Staking allows people from around the world to actively engage and contribute to the project’s success.

All participants within this ecosystem receive rewards in $TUK tokens, which incentivizes engagement and participation. It is key to the community-driven approach central to the project.

Last Chance to Get Positioned in the Project at Low Costs

eTukTuk is beginning its journey in Sri Lanka. It will soon expand to more countries.

Since the project’s investor base is not location-specific, initiatives are underway to raise awareness about it on a global scale. For example, an upcoming play-to-earn game inspired by Crazy Taxi will allow people from around the world to get a taste of eTukTuk.

For investors, the best way in is the $TUK presale. It is underway and serves as a strategic gateway to eTukTuk at a low cost. The presale supports both crypto and credit card purchases.

Early investors also get to start staking $TUK tokens immediately after the presale purchase. As one of the pioneering EV tokens in the Web3 market, eTukTuk has large growth potential.