AFEN Blockchain Network (AFEN) What Does the Chart Say Wednesday?

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The AFEN Blockchain Network has received a robust short-term technical ranking of 94, according to data analysis by InvestorsObserver. This proprietary ranking system concentrates on recent trading patterns over the past month to assess the strength of its short-term technicals. AFEN demonstrates superior recent technical performance, surpassing 94% of tokens based on these trading metrics. Investors focusing on shorter-term investment strategies may find this technical analysis particularly pertinent when deciding whether to invest in this cryptocurrency.

Trading Analysis

AFEN is currently $0.000130 (207.64%) above its 30-day low of $0.000062662 and -$0.000157 (-44.86%) below its 30-day high of $0.00034958. Additionally, AFEN is above its average price of $0.000141993 over the past month of trading with its current price of $0.000192771. Overall, the recent trading history of AFEN Blockchain Network suggests that traders are currently bullish on the token.

The AFEN Blockchain Network currently has a relatively modest market capitalization of $28,311.36. This places AFEN below the $100 million mark, as the top 100 cryptocurrencies typically maintain market caps above $1 billion, and the entire top 500 cryptocurrencies typically have market caps exceeding $100 million. Additionally, AFEN’s average trading volume is relatively low, with $11,855.61 worth of the token traded on an average 24-hour basis. This trading volume falls below the average for the most traded 100 cryptocurrencies, which typically see daily exchanges totaling $100 million, while smaller cryptocurrencies often have books under $5 million. In the past 24 hours, AFEN’s trading volume is below its usual average, totaling $1,840.06.


AFEN Blockchain Network’s price movement over the past month has led to a solid short-term technical score due to recent trading giving more bullish signals for traders on the token’s short-term movement.

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